Turbine Pumps
The Regenerative Principle
JLC Pumps & Engineering Co Ltd
JLC Turbine impellers are double-faced, in effect - two impellers in one, operating within identical channels of the casing and the cover. This allows the impeller to float freely and find its own equilibrium ensuring long life and inherently smooth and balanced performance.
From the Suction Port area, liquid is directed to both sides of the impeller at its perimeter. Owing to its multi-vane construction, the liquid is instantly thrown outwards by centrifugal force. As the liquid enters the side channels of the pump casing, a strong drawing force is produced at the pump's suction, with the forward direction due to the pump's rotation. This develops more and more pressure with the spiral regenerative action to the liquid finally producing its fully generated pressure, where it is sealed off from the suction side by a breaker, and the liquid leaves the pump at the discharge port.
The liquid is thereafter returned instantly to the root of the next impeller vane for further re-engagement.